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As a retired Army officer, I have always had a knack for leadership, even in the toughest of conditions.  And, I have always had an outstanding lawn.  I would like to apply my military experience  and my lawn care experience - and combine them - here.  I always take care of my troops.  So, if you want an award winning stand of turfgrass, stand at ease.  Now, take your seats....


Listen up “Wanna Be” Turgrass Warriors.  So, you want to be a Turfgrass Warrior, heh?  Well, I don’t think you have the intestinal fortitude or the wallet to be one of us.  It also takes courage, candor and commitment.  You have to want it.  You have to want it bad.  No Turfgrass Warrior ever had an outstanding lawn by giving in to the enemy - weeds, pests or drought.  Will determines victory. 


All this stuff you heard about Americans having lousy lawns is a lot of horse dung.  All Americans love beautiful lawns; all real Americans want to have stunning lawns.  When you were kids you always admired the greatest lawns.  We do not tolerate losers – especially as it applies to your lawn.  Turfgrass Warriors have an intense desire to be the best.  Turfgrass Warriors do not enjoy “just playing the game.”  Turfgrass Warriors know there is no second place in lawn care.  Those who finish second either are dead, wounded, are a prisoner of war or fleeing a victorious enemy.  Real Turfgrass Warriors do not submit to their lawns.  Real Turfgrass Warriors master their lawns. 


This briefing over the next year or so on this blog will guide you in your efforts to become one of us – the few, the proud, the Turfgrass Warriors.  Dismissed.


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