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I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of customers' yards AFTER Tuomey Turfgrass has provided the appropriate leadership and guidance.

These are some pics from Bill's townhouse.  He has an end unit.  Bill is a retired naval aviator.  So, he's very detail oriented.  His house is in Lorton, Virginia.  His lawn gets a great deal of sun.  But, he keeps it very well.  I did analysis for him two years ago and his lawn has gotten better each year.

Here's Gerry's yard.  Gerry is down in Stafford, Virginia.  You can see the "before" pics of Gerry's yard in my blog post "Lawns we are working on..."  Gerry knows what he's doing.  But, he sort of uses me as an "independent consultant". 

Gerry already has a good idea what's going on with his lawn.  He just validates it by having me come around.  The earlier pictures in the blog post I just mentioned were taken when I did his lawn a little over two years ago.  These are some current pictures.  Things are really looking great, Gerry.

This is Curtis' landscape.  I did his lawn last year.  I took this video about a year later, in the early summer of 2014.  Curtis is in Woodbridge, Virginia.  I think Curtis' area is looking outstanding.


Below are some pics of Jay's yard.  If you look in my blog post, "Lawns We Are Working On....." (, you will see some pics of Jay's yard from my first visit.  Jay has done some outstanding work.  He is also very kind.  In his email to me, he said, "Thanks.  It is your magic formula that did the trick."  It is not magic.  It is good, solid soil management.  That's what I do.  And, I train my customers to do the same.  Like many of my customers, for a couple months, in the late spring into the early summer, Jay has to mow his lawn twice a week.  He complains about it.  Isn't that like complaining because your ice cream is too cold?

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